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    Top 6 Autumnal Super foods

    With autumn underway, here are a list of the top 6 super foods which are most beneficial to your health. [...]

    Migraine Awareness Week

    September sees Migraine Awareness Week, which was introduced by The Migraine Trust to raise awareness and understanding and provide support [...]

    Toblerone Treatments

    Every day we see patients who come to us in pain, seeking chiropractic care to help them return to a [...]

    Wrong Cycling Position?

    Since the Olympics, cycling has increased in popularity. But did you know that having your bike incorrectly set up can [...]

    Ponies and Posture

    Horse riders are a common site in any chiropractic clinic. Whether it be the copious amounts of falls, kicks, head-butts, [...]

    Flip flops and your body

    Wearing flip flops during the summer months is a must for some of us.....but can be a cause of heel [...]

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