• Wearing flip flops during the summer months is a must for some of us…..but can be a cause of heel pain especially amongst the 15 – 25 year old age group and medical experts agree they can cause serious foot problems.
  • Due to the nature of them being strapless, sprains and strains can be a consequence, as can burning or stabbing heel pain when walking.
  • Head, neck and hip problems can follow due to wearers tending to take shorter strides and turning their ankles inwards. Toes also tend to scrunch whilst walking in order to stop the flip flop from falling off. Another consequence is that the arch of the foot may collapse due to them offering no arch support and it then lies unnaturally flat in the shoe. The nature of their thin flexible soles also provides a lack of cushioning for the heel of the foot.

All is not lost…the following tips might help you choose the right pair;

  • Choose a pair with sturdier soles and never ones that fold in half or sideways
  • Limit wearing them for a short period of time and don’t walk long distances in them
  • Never use them for sport
  • Avoid wearing them for driving (for safety reasons)
  • Experts recommend replacing flip flops every 3-4 months
  • Don’t ignore irritations caused by the throng in between the toes. Infections/blisters may occur.



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