Every day we see patients who come to us in pain, seeking chiropractic care to help them return to a life of activity and enjoyment. We work hard together to reach this goal but often the road to recovery can be a little bumpy, with both ups and downs. This is easily described as the toblerone recovery.

What is the toblerone treatment?

Almost all patients have an expectation for a continuous progression from being in pain to being free from pain. However this is not always possible as recovery is a process involving changes to the body. Each treatment that the patient receives tends to build on the previous one, but there can sometimes be a regression between treatments, which can sometimes result in the patient feeling it is ‘not working’. In most cases the patient may feel relief from their discomfort after their first treatment, but there are many that feel nothing at all and some that may even feel slight discomfort. This makes sense when you think how complex the body is and the changes that are required to address the cause of the underlying issue. You don’t go to the gym for one session and expect to be the incredible hulk the following day, well some of us do but I can guarantee it never happens. You also wouldn’t attend a yoga class and expect to be ‘bendy Wendy’ within a week. These changes take time, and hard work. The same applies to your treatment plan.

There are several reasons for these short bursts of regression over the time that treatments are given; some patients experience a detoxification type process in which toxins are released after the adjustments, some patients become more pain sensitive as the nervous system is stimulated, which increases the sensitivity to organs and tissues. Occasionally patients may experience a short period of  ‘pins and needles’, this can be due to an increase in blood flow to the affected area. However if a patient does experience any of these symptoms they may feel they are regressing, but for us this shows that the body is reacting positively to treatment. The main aim is overall progression.

Your personal treatment plan

Your chiropractor will discuss your treatment plan with you during your initial consultation, and will be scheduled at intervals to allow for recovery, and overall progression. This may only be a couple of treatments but it is vital that you see this through and complete the journey you started.



Image courtesy of paincloud.com