How to do your Christmas shopping pain free

With December finally upon us, Christmas shopping is part and parcel of the seasonal highlights! For some of us though, this extra standing, lifting and carrying bags can exacerbate neck and back aches and pains.

The following handy tips will hopefully help you enjoy the experience pain free;

  • Ladies we love our heels but for the sake of our backs and necks leave the heels at home. Wear well cushioned, comfortable, flat shoes for Christmas shopping.
  • Standing long periods of time in a queue can make your low back ache.  If standing in a long queue make sure you have even weight in your feet and imagine a balloon supporting your head – this should feel like your spine is decompressing. Now gently make the curve in your lower back flat by gently tilting your pubic bone up towards your belly button then arch it the opposite way. Repeat this several times every minute.
  • Take frequent breaks and keep hydrated – enjoy a festive coffee somewhere.
  • If you find yourself carrying lots of bags and your car is nearby it will only take minutes to make a quick trip back to the car to drop off your bags and continue shopping.  You will feel much more comfortable too.
  • If you know you have back ache or a hip or knee problem on one side then carry your bags on that same side. There will be less force going through your joints than if you carry it on the opposite side.
  • Spread your Christmas shopping over several small trips rather than one large over-loaded trip.
  • Use the internet or mail order for Christmas shopping to help reduce the load.
Happy Shopping!