wantage_bootcamp6 weeks in and still loving it. Last week was my first review following the first stage and in short I’ve put on a centimetre of muscle through all areas. Good news, the hard work is paying off.

Week 6 saw the introduction of the bootcamp, sandwiched between my two weight sessions. Now I know a number of people who do bootcamps in parks or sports halls etc. which is great however the good thing about the bootcamps at JLPT is that they are on the farm, outside and all the equipment is purpose built. There are wooden A-frame obstacles dotted around the fields, tyres gallore, kettle bells everywhere and best of all the view is refreshing.

My first experience of bootcamp involved an 18 station (18 hole golf) routine. This was tough, the reps were increased through each round and frustratingly each round ended with burpees…a school nightmare of mine! The session¬†was at 6am, not a time of the day I often experience, but it was so peaceful and very enjoyable. The next day…ouch.

I loved introducing the bootcamp to my weekly exercise routine as it incorporates some more cardio into my workout and helps break up the weight training sessions. It uses different muscles and in a group setting really helps you push through each exercise to get the maximum benefit from the workout. I must admit though, I did go back to bed after this week’s session…this may take some getting used to!