JLPTI’m one of those people who has a gym membership and rarely uses it. That’s not to say I’m not active, I run, work on my feet all of the time, play squash and take my dog for walks. But for me this is just every day life, it doesn’t necessarily take effort to motivate myself to do these things.

What does take effort for me is going to the gym, establishing a training aim, sticking to it, using free weights properly and running on a treadmill looking at a blank wall. And then to support all of that there’s the whole effort of eating correctly, at the right times of the day and with the correct nutritional balance in each meal. Now I understand for some people this isn’t an effort at all, but for me I simply came to realise that I needed a helping hand to apply a little structure to my life. This structure came in the form of a newly formed local business, JLPT – Outdoor Fitness Coaching & Wellbeing and Fitness Coaching.

With the help of JLPT I have embarked on a training program for the next 3 months, designed to educate and enhance my understanding of nutrition and exercise…the helping hand I’ve needed for so long.

This is my journey, honest, open and no doubt tough at times, but it will be a diary of my training over the next 3 months to document my moods, my energy levels, my body changes and my general lifestyle overhaul.

Dan 🙂