Pain free shopping, is it possible?


With Halloween, Bonfire night, and dare I say it Christmas coming up, shopping is an inevitable consequence. Rushing around, weaving in and out of crowded streets and shops can not only be mentally challenging but also physically challenging for the neck , shoulders and back as we carry multiple heavy bags.

There are some simple tips to help you with this busy period, to limit stress and misalignment from the neck, shoulders and back.

  1. Wearing comfortable shoes (trainers, flat comfortable shoes)- sounds obvious doesn’t it, but how many of us rush out of the house preoccupied with what needs to be done and put shoes on which probably aren’t the most comfortable to pound the streets with whilst shopping. You know you’ll regret it at the end of the day.
  2. Where available choose a trolley rather than carrying a basket.
  3. Carry bags with weight evenly distributed transferring parcels to different bags to achieve this or when possible try using a rucksack- by ensuring even distribution of weight you won’t be leaning to one side and causing muscle imbalance.
  4. When standing in a queue try to distribute your weight evenly by standing squarely and shifting your weight from one leg to the other bending your knees occasionally.
  5. Shoulder shrugs and forward, backward neck stretches – to relieve tension and can be done when walking or in queues.
  6. Deep breaths – increases oxygen which feels great both physically and mentally.
  7. Try not to carry gifts in front of you as this can cause increased strain on the lower back.
  8. Rest regularly to reduce leg and low back pain – enjoy that well deserved coffee break.
  9. Finally – when packing the car try not to twist you back when loading and engage your core muscles to help protect your lower back.

Enjoy your shopping.