We all get adjusted and checked by our chiropractors on a regular basis, but did you know that chiropractic is also beneficial for animals, both large and small? At Espina chiropractic clinic we routinely see patients who have sustained injuries as a result of walking their dog, or falling from their horse. But we often forget that these same events can and do have an impact on the animals. Having both a healthy animal and owner go hand-in-hand towards forming a healthier lifestyle or sport.

Both humans and animals have a history of benefiting from alternative and complimentary therapies. Sport enthusiasts  such as athletes, footballers and swimmers all use chiropractors, sports therapists, physiotherapists and nutritionists to maximise performance and limit injury.

Animals can similarly benefit.

Horses are used in various disciplines such as Racing, Eventing and Dressage but also in riding schools where inexperienced riders can cause a horse to have back problems. Animal chiropractic can aid the horses physical ability and improve overall function by relieving pressure in the spine and body allowing normal muscle and skeletal movement.

Dogs as horses are used in agility, showing, police and army services, gun dogs, dogs as therapy for PTSD, autism, guide dogs, dogs for the hard of hearing, etc. These dogs are working dogs and as horses can develop back problems. Chiropractic can provide the same benefits to dogs as it can to horses, and many other animals can benefit too.

If you would like to find a local animal chiropractor then a great place to start is with the McTimoney Animal Association. Alternatively speak with your vet and they will often know of a good animal chiropractor who they can recommend.