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Pain & Simple and Dizzy Heights Mastery - Oxfordshire

This one-off combined mastery course offers delegates 2 unique courses combined into one weekend. 


Pain & Simple (Saturday)

When was the last time a patient walked into your clinic in pain? My guess is it wasn’t all that long ago, possibly only a few minutes or hours ago. There are however an indefinite number of reasons as to why this person may be experiencing pain, some which you can tackle and others you most definitely cannot. Knowing these boundaries is key to a successful practice and of course happy patients, but what if you could broaden these boundaries and develop new skills in the fight against acute and chronic pain? Now you can!


This newly introduced seminar sees delegates learn key communication skills for helping patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. We cover the complexities of pain science and review current evidence based beliefs around the neuroscience of pain. The seminar will provide delegates with a robust format to structure the initial consultation and subsequent adjustment appointments so that pain science concepts can be introduced to patients at an early stage and in a way that maximises positive engagement. We will explore the concepts of clinical coaching techniques and through real case scenarios develop successful strategies to help guide your patients through the journey towards a pain-free life.


 Topics covered:

> Latest research around pain

> Exploring the patient pain journey

> Communication skills around pain

> Pain education as a treatment modality

> Essential coaching skills for every clinician


Dizzy Heights (Sunday)

Dizzy heights, dizzy spells, blurred vision, vertigo, spinning rooms, nystagmus…the list of presentations around dizziness is endless. Very often this list of possibilities can seem daunting and somewhat overwhelming. However understanding the causes of dizziness and how to effectively manage these may not be as complex as first thought, especially with the introduction of this groundbreaking seminar which simplifies your therapeutic approach and will hands-down remove the dizziness around dizziness.


This newly introduced 2019 seminar aims to provide answers to all those unanswered questions around dizziness. Delegates will walk away with a systematic examination protocol for patients experiencing dizziness, and furthermore learn key manual therapy techniques to address the underlying cause. The neurology and examination of nystagmus and other eye movements will be explored and delegates will even have the opportunity to assess their own eye movements using video nystagmus goggles. If you have ever wanted to know how to assess, evalutae and in most cases treat the different causes of dizziness, including VBAI and cervicogenic causes then this course will tick those boxes. Better still you’ll leave with out of the box strategies to help your dizzy patients recover safely and quickly.


 Topics covered:

> Understanding the causes of dizziness

> Neurology and testing of eye movements

> Patient assessment protocols

> Vestibular rehabilitation techniques

> Quick fire clinical skills for use with every dizzy patient

Starts On:
April 04, 2020
9:30 AM
Ends On:
April 05, 2020
5:00 PM

Facet Release and Functional Muscle Testing - Oxfordshire

This exciting and popular series returns for a second year running introducing delegates to two hands-on skill-based techniques, Facet Release and Functional Muscle Testing and MET. The course has been designed to deliver "out of the box" approaches that you can instantly use with clients and patients the following week. You take your pick, choosing to do one day on its own or both days at a fantastic cost saving.


Have you ever wanted to find an alternative approach to neck pain management, or wanted to know how to instantly relieve migraines and headaches? Then the Facet Release day may be what you're looking for. Taking a top to toe (more C1-S5) approach you'll understand the biomechanics of how our spines move (or sometimes don't) during activity and how you can use this movement to assist your adjustments. The facet release technique complements your existing adjusting skills and can be applied in both acute and chronic pain management settings.


If it's a muscle focussed approach you are looking for then the Functional Muscle Testing and MET day will be perfect for your clients and patients. The day is separated into bite-sized body regions where you'll digest how to functionally test each muscle, understand how to target your adjustments and also how to use movement to assist the functional rehabilitation of each muscle. The Functional Muscle Testing and MET day is also perfect if you want to protect your own body and you're looking for an alternative technique to soft tissue work.


 Topics covered:

> Functional facet release

> Full spine management protocol

> Acute and chronic pain management techniques

> Functional muscle testing

> Muscle energy technique (MET)

Starts On:
June 13, 2020
10:00 AM
Ends On:
June 14, 2020
5:00 PM