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When was the last time a patient walked into your clinic in pain? My guess is it wasn’t all that long ago, possibly only a few minutes or hours ago. There are however an indefinite number of reasons as to why this person may be experiencing pain, some which you can tackle and others you most definitely cannot. Knowing these boundaries is key to a successful practice and of course happy patients, but what if you could broaden these boundaries and develop new skills in the fight against acute and chronic pain? Now you can!

This newly introduced seminar sees delegates learn key communication skills for helping patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. We cover the complexities of pain science and review current evidence based beliefs around the neuroscience of pain. The seminar will provide delegates with a robust format to structure the initial consultation and subsequent adjustment appointments so that pain science concepts can be introduced to patients at an early stage and in a way that maximises positive engagement. We will explore the concepts of clinical coaching techniques and through real case scenarios develop successful strategies to help guide your patients through the journey towards a pain-free life.

Topics covered:

  • Latest research around pain
  • Exploring the patient pain journey
  • Communication skills around pain
  • Pain education as a treatment modality
  • Essential coaching skills for every clinician