Royal College of Chiropractors - Wantage Chiropractor At a meeting of the Privy Council on Wednesday 12th November 2012, the Queen approved the grant of a Royal Charter to the College, the first Royal Charter to be granted to a complementary medicine organisation in the UK. Rarely granted, a Royal Charter signals permanence and stability and, in the College’s case, a clear indication to others of the leadership value and innovative approach the College brings to the development of the chiropractic profession. The Royal Charter essentially formalises the College’s position as a unique, apolitical, consultative body, recognising its role in promoting high practice standards and certifying quality and thus securing public confidence.

In February 2013, the Queen also gave permission for the College to change its name to The Royal College of Chiropractors. The title Royal was sought to help the public understand that the College has a similar role to the Medical Royal Colleges in terms of promoting standards for practice quality, running postgraduate training for new graduates, providing continuing professional development opportunities and supporting research.

Tim Jay, Founding President of The Royal College of Chiropractors, said:

‘It is particularly important, now that NHS funding for chiropractic treatment is emerging, that patients are aware of their treatment choices, that they know the care chiropractors provide for low back pain is a valid option supported by NICE and that the familiar entity of a Royal College is helping to support their interests.’

Wantage Chiropractor Daniel Ruby is registered as a member of Royal College of Chiropractors, the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and with the General Chiropractic Council. For further information about any of these organisations please visit our links page or call 01235 410708.