Jenny Turner


Jenny Turner local Redditch Chiropractor
  • Position: Chiropractor

  • Clinic: Redditch
  • Interests include chiropractic care for animals, and degenerative disorders and sciatica with patients.

  • Hobbies include walking, baking and of course spending time with her beautiful dogs.

Jenny Turner is Redditch’s leading McTimoney chiropractor, based in Redditch town centre.

Her expertise cover both human and animal chiropractic, treating pets and owners, and horses and riders. 

Clinically her passions sit with helping patients with degenerative disorders such as arthritis, but also addressing back pain, neck pain, migraines and sciatica.

Jenny has been involved with horses since the age of 8 years old and has owned dogs for the last 14 years.

After leaving school, Jenny worked at a large riding school in Northamptonshire completing her BHS qualifications and teaching both children and adults.

Once she had completed her Masters in Chiropractic, the natural progression was to continue her education on the MSc Animal Manipulation postgraduate degree.

She enjoys being able to utilise McTimoney animal chiropractic techniques to ensure her 4 legged patients are just as happy as her 2 legged ones.

Jenny specialised in looking at the horse and rider combination and believes that both have to be balanced in order to have the best partnership and performance.

Having older dogs herself, she also has a keen interest in maintaining the wellbeing of animals which may have degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

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