Daniel Ruby


Wantage Chiropractor Daniel Ruby
  • Position: Chiropractor

  • Clinic: Wantage

  • Interests include sporting performance, neurological disorders, dizziness and vertigo.

  • Lecturer of Neuroscience

Daniel Ruby is our Wantage Chiropractor and Director of Espina Chiropractic. Establishing the company in 2010.

Daniel’s first experience of Chiropractic was as a child, attending appointments with his family and in that moment he was hooked. “I was amazed at how those small and specific adjustments could have such positive and life-changing effects. Reducing the need for medication, and actually working to address the underlying cause of the pain. Being part of a profession that works tirelessly to improve the quality of people’s lives just makes coming to work each day an absolute joy.”

Outside of clinic Daniel’s expertise extend to his appointment as Lecturer of Neuroscience in Oxford, Manchester and Madrid. He is also clinical lead for the final year MSc students at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic. Locally, Daniel is also the coordinator for the Community First Responder team in Wantage, part of South Central Ambulance Service’s 999 emergency response team.

His main areas of clinical interest include functional neurological disorders and rehabilitation, dizziness and vertigo. Additionally Daniel works with top athletes to optimise their recovery from injury, prevent recurrence and ultimately enhance their performance over time.

“I absolutely love working with patients through their course of care, getting them out of pain, addressing the underlying cause, and then ultimately keeping them happy, healthy and well. The best bit? Seeing their live’s change for the better, and getting them back enjoying life to the full.”

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