Brian Miller

 BSc (Hons) MChiro MMCA

Brian Miller Wantage Chiropractor
  • Position: Chiropractor

  • Clinic: Wantage

  • Interests include paediatrics and degenerative disorders.

  • Hobbies include walking, photography, and when time allows some cheeky home brew and sourdough baking.

Brian Miller is one of our leading McTimoney chiropractors, based in our Mill Street clinic in Wantage town centre.

Following 5 years of study, Brian graduated from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic with a first class integrated masters level degree and first class achievement awards in Research and Clinic.

Brian has most recently been awarded the Lorna Ridgeway Prize, recognising his support to the wider academic body through his work with the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS), for which he has served as President since July 2022, and for his commitment to the chiropractic profession.

Brian was first introduced to the incredible potential of chiropractic when previously working with a local wildlife charity and council. It was then that he experienced the wider health benefits people experienced from receiving chiropractic care. Seeing these positive changes within his own family further inspired him to start the long but worthwhile journey to qualifying as a chiropractor.

Brian’s clinical interests include working with children and their families, to help realise their full health potential through chiropractic care.

McTimoney Chiropractic is suitable for all, from the youngest to the oldest as the technique is light and gentle yet also very specific. Chiropractic can help with a variety of conditions, ranging from low back and neck pain, to sciatica and migraines, with many people receiving care on a preventative and performance basis.

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